Specializing in Engine and Transmission Rebuilds and Restorations



To Extreme Custom Cycle.

ECC has new ownership and management.  Mike Jacobson of Jacobson Handcrafted Motorcycles, currently absorbed ECC into one of his lifelong career goals.  Now, two great shops are under one roof.

In 1998 Jacobson Handcrafted Motorcycles was started in a suburban city of Saint Paul
Minnesota. Now, in 2012, Mike's dream has grown from a way to earn extra money while working at various dealerships, to owning a thriving custom cycle shop!

Mike's mother is now happy to say she's glad his uncles sat him onto choppers in 1967 before he could even speak words. Mike actually thinks that it affected in some way, possible the very reason he left college to attend Motorcycles Mechanic Institute in Phoenix, AZ. He then wrenched in several American, Euro Metric and even trike shops in a couple of different states. Now Mike's all grown up, done with forts and mini bikes, bouncing from bike model to model and working at dealerships.





Extreme Girls  Taryn and Niki


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We do what dealers won't do: specializing in building, repairing, performance, fabricating and modifying motorcycles or parts. One of a kind bike builds may be done once per year.


Extreme Custom Cycle will be reopening soon somewhere along the Oregon coast.  Stay connected.  We will keep you posted.  Thank You.  ECC